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Try a Stubble Buster aftershave before you commit to a full-size bottle! Eleven (we are currently out of stygian) scents of Stubble Buster aftershave available in 10ml glass spray bottles.

Customer Reviews

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Wes Kariger
Good stuff

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do, great scents.

Drew Forehand
Shave soap and aftershave

What a gem! The shave soap brings up a great lather. A little goes a long way, this will last forever. A great value. Aftershave sample pack is a great value as a new customer. So far coastal is my favorite but all have a wonderful long lasting scent!
I will be a loyal customer

Alessandro Pianti
Good soap

The soaps are good! really good! they create a good foam and protection. The post shave felling is excellent. The After shaves have a Beautiful smells but the fragrance is not persistent... 30 minutes and it is gone! Up to this point the soaps should get 5 stars evaluation if we consider the price of 5.99 dollars. 2 stars lost due to the soap fragrance... to light … to much. The only one that reach the 4 stars is EVOCATIVE that have a good and persistent smell. All the others have too light fragrance. My suggestion is to increase the fragrance concentration into the soap and the product will be perfect.

Christopher Dang
Pretty close to Issey Miyake

At first whiff, it really smelled like Miyake but after applying it, I smelled more of the menthol than the fragrance. It came off as more of a herbal/medicinal scent. I enjoyed the cooling or burning sensation it brought. It packed quite the punch.

Great aftershave sampler

Stubble Buster aftershaves have been on my radar for awhile. It wasn't until recently that I decided to finally give them a go. I have irritation issues from time to time on my neck and the addition of aspirin and salicylic acid caught my eye. I've been using the aftershaves exclusively for a week and I'm seeing minor improvement. I'm hoping that with time, long term irritation will be a thing of the past. Great scents and soothing results